Article by Ms. Sarah R. Champagne published on November 19, 2021 - LE DEVOIR

The AQAADI Board is concerned about the exceptionally high refusal rate of study permit applications for students from Africa. We had written a press release that reported on our research and experiences and Le Devoir was interested in it (see article by Ms. Champagne below). Other journalists are interested in the Chinook system, as presented by Lou Janssen during his conference at the symposium. Another article on this subject is expected to be published soon. 

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Ottawa is turning away more and more Francophone students, especially from Africa

While the number of English-speaking foreign students in Quebec is increasing, the refusal rates for African countries are constantly climbing, and some "impeccable" files are being refused. Candidates who meet the criteria are thus prevented from pursuing their studies here, they deplore.

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