Article by Me Stéphanie Valois, president of AQAADi, published on March 26, 2022 - LE DEVOIR (Free opinion)

Great Worksite for Families >> must not exclude any child

Popular mobilizations over the years have brought to light the discriminatory treatment of children due to their family's migratory status and forced Quebec's elected officials to act to achieve equal opportunity. In 2017, the Education Act was amended to allow children without status in Canada to access the school system free of charge. Then, in 2021, the necessary legislative and regulatory provisions were amended to make all children eligible for the health insurance plan and the general drug insurance plan, regardless of their immigration status.

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A big thank you to Me Mylène Barrière who is behind this initiative with Maryse Poisson (Director of Social Initiatives at the Welcome Collective) within the Comité accès garderie.

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