Letter from AQAADI addressed to the Minister of Immigration - CSQ for request of humanitarian internship 2

December 02 2022

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Objet: CSQ pour demande humanitaire stage 2.

Madame, Monsieur,

L'AQAADI a été fondée en 1991 et regroupe plus de 450 avocats et avocates à travers le Québec qui oeuvrent dans le domaine particulier du droit de l'immigration et de la protection des réfugiés. Les objectifs de l'AQAADI sont, entre autres, de s'assurer que les lois et politiques en matière de citoyenneté. de protection des réfugiés et d'immigration soient rédigées et appliquées dans le respect des principes d'équité et qu'elles répondent adéquatement aux besoin du Québec et du Canada.

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PRESS RELEASE issued by AQAADI on September 19, 2022

September 21 2022

Montreal, September 19, 2022. -

We wish to bring to your attention a migration policy that we believe is discriminatory and unjustified with respect to temporary foreign workers temporary foreign workers (TFWs) who work in occupations that fall under the level B of the National Occupational Classification (NOC). In effect, a foreign worker who works in an occupation that falls within the levels 0, A or B of the NOC will be entitled to be accompanied by their family for the duration of their stay and obtain an open work permit for their spouse (C-41) and a work permit (C-41) and a study permit for their children who are at the primary or secondary level. secondary level. For the purposes of this document, we will refer to the above categories as category "1".

Unless they are part of the Atlantic Canada Immigration Pilot Program, a TFW spouse who works in an occupation in Skill Type C or D occupation will not be able to bring their family with them on their trip unless the spouse initiates their own work permit application for a specific employer. related to a given employer. For the purposes of this document, we will refer to the above categories as category "2".

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Letter from CBA-Quebec and AQAADi to the Honourable Sean Fraser (MIRC) regarding the IMP

September 21 2022

Comments on changes to the International Mobility Program (IMP) for Quebec selection certificate holders residing in Quebec - Labour market impact assessment (LMIA) Exemption Code A75. 

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Article by Clara Loiseau published on August 15, 2022 - LE JOURNAL DE MONTRÉAL

August 15 2022

Another federal failure: a family stuck in France despite their permanent residency

A family cannot return to Quebec without their cards that formalizes their new status. 

A family of French citizens who have recently become permanent residents are stuck in their country of origin and cannot return to Canada after a vacation because of delays in printing a card.

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Letter from CBA-Quebec and AQAADi to Minister Jean Boulet (MIFI) regarding the right to counsel

July 19 2022

Recent changes to the Immigration Procedures Manual 4.5: Relations with intermediaries

Access to counsel during the Quebec selection interviews

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Article by Lisa-Marie Gervais, Boris Proulx and Anne-Marie Provost published on July 14, 2022 - LE DEVOIR

July 14 2022

Up to five months wait to visit Canada

Canada is experiencing unprecedented delays in allowing visitors who need visas to come to Canada, taking up to five months to process an application in some countries, a compilation by Le Devoir shows. Ottawa has also been quietly dropping visa applications from visitors during the pandemic, without refund.

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Article published in LA PRESSE on May 17, 2022 section '' OPINIONS ''.

May 17 2022

Roxham Road

Dignity, respect and compassion for asylum seekers

Once again, Roxham Road is in the news and is the subject of numerous statements by our political representatives.

Article by : Stéphanie Valois and Aviva Basman Respectively President of the Quebec Immigration Lawyers Association and President of the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers*.

We are deeply offended by these comments. First, the majority of asylum seekers are recognized as refugees or persons in need of protection by the independent tribunal (the Refugee Protection Division). The criteria for recognition are limited and difficult to meet.

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Article by Mr. Romain Schué published on April 29, 2022 - RADIO-CANADA

April 29 2022

Why are there such long delays in Quebec immigration files?

A court document provides an unprecedented insight into the problems encountered by Immigration Canada in processing the files of Quebec workers awaiting permanent residence.

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Comments of Me Guillaume Cliche-Rivard transmitted to AQAADi members on April 29, 2022.

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Federal Court IMM-2278-22 

Federal Court Reply IMM-2278-22

Article by Me Stéphanie Valois, president of AQAADi, published on March 26, 2022 - LE DEVOIR (Free opinion)

March 29 2022

Great Worksite for Families >> must not exclude any child

Popular mobilizations over the years have brought to light the discriminatory treatment of children due to their family's migratory status and forced Quebec's elected officials to act to achieve equal opportunity. In 2017, the Education Act was amended to allow children without status in Canada to access the school system free of charge. Then, in 2021, the necessary legislative and regulatory provisions were amended to make all children eligible for the health insurance plan and the general drug insurance plan, regardless of their immigration status.

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A big thank you to Me Mylène Barrière who is behind this initiative with Maryse Poisson (Director of Social Initiatives at the Welcome Collective) within the Comité accès garderie.

Article by Mr. Romain Schué published on March 18, 2022 - RADIO-CANADA

March 18 2022

Immigration Canada sued for long processing times

The delays in obtaining permanent residence for foreign workers in Quebec are more than two years.

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