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The AQAADI was founded in 1991 to group Quebec lawyers actively working in the field of immigration to help them make better use of the services provided by the Quebec Bar and to allow for better representation of the group before political, judicial and administrative institutions dealing with federal and provincial immigration.

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In addition to our members who practice in the field of immigration law, you can find a lawyer through different reference services. They can help you find lawyers who practice in other fields.

Please note that AQAADI itself cannot take on your immigration file, nor can it recommend any particular lawyer.

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Today, AQAADI speaks for lawyers who are members of the Quebec Bar and involved in the everyday practice of immigration law. It seeks to bring them closer together and to allow them to share their respective experiences.

AQAADI aims to properly inform its members of ever-changing conditions in the field of immigration and to provide them with as much training and information as possible.

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AQAADI is also keenly aware of problems that exist beyond our borders and promotes basic human rights and freedoms and the rule of law.

It supports and promotes its members’ needs and interests.

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It is lead entirely by volunteer immigration law practitioners, and seeks to involve as many members as possible in its activities.

AQAADI regularly takes positions on broad issues involving immigration law and practice.

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Lettre adressée à la Ministre de l'immigration - CSQ pour demande humanitaire stage 2

December 02 2022

Objet: CSQ pour demande humanitaire stage 2.

Madame, Monsieur,

L'AQAADI a été fondée en 1991 et regroupe plus de 450 avocats et avocates à travers le Québec qui oeuvrent dans le domaine particulier du droit de l'immigration et de la protection des réfugiés. Les objectifs de l'AQAADI sont, entre autres, de s'assurer que les lois et politiques en matière de citoyenneté. de protection des réfugiés et d'immigration soient rédigées et appliquées dans le respect des principes d'équité et qu'elles répondent adéquatement aux besoin du Québec et du Canada.

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