Obiter Dictum Award

The Obiter Dictum Award highlights the achievement of one of AQAADI’s members by recognizing the member’s dedication to volunteer work, their outstanding work, and their exceptional commitment to progress in matters of immigration law as well as to the national growth of the association.

The prize is awarded to the recipient who enjoys a one year waiver of membership costs to the association and a gift certificate.

Past recipients of this award include:

  • Me Stéphanie Valois, 2017
  • Me Richard Neil Goldman, 2013
  • Me Dan Bohbot, 2012
  • Me François Crépeau, 2011
  • Me Isabelle Dongier, 2009
  • Me Janet Dench, 2008
  • Me Harry Blank, 2007
  • Me Diane Bélanger, 2006 (Post-Mortem)
  • Me Richard Kurland, 2005
  • Me Johanne Doyon, 2004
  • Me Joyce Yedid, 2003
  • Me Carole Fiore, 2002
  • Me David Chalk, 2001
  • Me Hugues Langlais, 1999