About Us

justiceAQAADI was founded in 1991 to regroup Quebec lawyers actively working in the field of immigration and to help them make better use of the services provided by the Quebec Bar. Since that time, AQAADI’s role has evolved considerably.

Today, AQAADI speaks for lawyers who are members of the Quebec Bar and involved in the everyday practice of immigration law. It seeks to bring them closer together and to allow them to share their respective experiences.

AQAADI aims to properly inform its members of ever-changing conditions in the field of immigration and to provide them with as much training and information as possible.

It is lead entirely by volunteer immigration law practitioners, and seeks to involve as many members as possible in its activities.

AQAADI regularly takes positions on broad issues involving immigration law and practice.

It supports and promotes its members’ needs and interests.

AQAADI is also keenly aware of problems that exist beyond our borders and promotes basic human rights and freedoms and the rule of law.

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