IRCC: How to work when nothing’s working?


IRCC: How to work when nothing’s working?

February 10 2016

Ottawa, we have a problem.

It’s not a full system failure, but there are enough problems with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada’s online services and portals that the CBA’s Immigration Law Section has requested an emergency meeting with department officials to discuss the situation and what the Section can do to help solve the problems.

Technical and client service issues have “resulted in numerous cases being closed or refused due to ‘incomplete’ applications or for a ‘failure to provide requested documents,’” when documents have in fact been provided via webform, often with a backup copy being sent to the responsible office by a second method, the Section says in a letter to the department.

“In the meantime, people are out of work, damages are accruing, and there is no simple or expeditious way to resolve issues that stem from inefficiencies and problems with IRCC’s tools and service options,” says the letter, signed by Section Chair Stéphane Duvall.

The Section has asked for an emergency meeting to discuss these issues in particular:

  • Webform inquiries not being reviewed and/or not forwarded to the proper office
  • Not being able to file the additional documents requested mid-processing because ports to upload the documents aren’t opened
  • Case review taking 30 days or more to respond to inquiries

“We are compiling a list of related issues and examples from CBA Section members to further illustrate the systemic issues, which we will send to you at a later date for further discussion,” the Section adds.

“We understand from prior consultations and presentations at our national conference and recent Ottawa meetings that client service is a key initiative for your office, and we would welcome the chance to work with you to resolve these critical issues.”